Late March Bass Fishing @ PK Lake

March 25, 2017 – weekend trip to PK Lake:

After work on Friday, I went to go get Wezzles from the parents house (I was watching him for the weekend while the parents were in Utah) and then picked up Alriah to head to the Lake.  We had been looking forward to Riah’s first trip to Grandmother’s lake house for a couple months and it was time for a mini road trip (about 3 hours).  We had listened to some road trip tunes, ate some yummy Chick-fil-A along the way, and rolled along with some Disney sing-a-longs and then we made it to the Lake, removed from the hustle-and-bustle of the city and the stars were bright in the dark night sky.

The next morning after breakfast, my cousin Jake, Riah, and I headed out in the bass boat for some fishing.  We tried out AB Cove first which is usually productive.  Many casts and no avail in this area (here is me casting and photo cred to Riah for these photos in this post).  Riah also practiced casting for the first time with an open face reel and is a natural at picking up the technique.IMG_1901

We decided to head to the east hillside by Breakers where there are a lot of big boulders on the bank and submerged rocks that usually hold some good bass.  We fished for a while and without any bites…so I decided to try a new lure from Riah’s birthday gift to me, the Mystery Tackle Box.  This choice was a weird one…the “Baby Mad Paca” which we thought looked like an alien-looking praying mantis/newt plastic type plastic bait.  It looked so strange when giving it action in the water.IMG_1909

Well, sure enough, this odd looking critter lure worked and I hooked into the first bass of the day.  It put up a good fight and I reeled it in by the boat as quickly as possible so I could reach down and firmly grab hold of its lip.  This bass even had a couple unique black birth marks on its side.  I caught the bass unexpectedly when I was requesting a drink of Bai drink or something like that.  The trick with these critter baits is you have to let them drop slowly and that’s when the fish will strike.  The fish will not usually strick worms or critters on the reel-in.IMG_1907

Shortly after, Jake hooked into a bass as well.  Here he is holding up his first bass of the day!  He was using a motor oil worm that turns fluorescent green underwater.  Science is just crazy!IMG_1895

I kept up with using the praying mantis and again when I was distracted, I hooked into another fish.  This one put up a good fight and pulled strongly and immediately when it surfaced, I knew it was a black crappie.  Riah also reeled it in some and felt the sensation holding the rod when a fish is pulling on the line.  It may have been the biggest crappie of my life and it weighed in at 1.1 lbs.  The dark splattered markings were striking and evident.IMG_1917

I decided to try out another lure from the Mystery Tackle Box and Riah captured a selfie photo of us while I was changing lures.  IMG_1924

Later, the blue split tail plastic bait worked and hooked into a good sized bass.  We got it close to the boat and about to land it but then it spit out the hook when it was at the water surface.  Close one!

We got hungry after a few hours and it was time to head back to the house for some dinner that was awaiting (brisket, asparagus, peppers, squash & onions)…yum!  We were stuffed after the big meal!

Later that evening, Riah and I went outside for some fishing at sunset.  Caught a little bass and Wezzles, the fishing companion dog, was intrigued again…to the point of kissing the fish!IMG_1937

The sunset was stellar as we wrapped up the day!  Riah wears Hoka shoes for running which look funny!  IMG_1939

The stars were really bright that night and we sat on the roof of the dock for some star observation.  Fun day at the Lake!

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