Pure Michigan – May 2017

My girlfriend at the time (now fiance) Alriah and I went to Michigan this Memorial Day for my buddy Chris and Anna’s wedding.  It was a charming wedding on Saturday at the Muskegon Country Club.  Congratulations to the two of you!  It was an extended weekend and we were flyinh back on Monday so we had a full day Sunday to have fun exploring Michigan.  We stayed at the Shoreline Inn in Muskegon and right after breaki, we went to Silver Lake Sand Dunes right next to Lake Michigan for some sand dune Jeep driving through Parrot’s Landing Jeep Rentals.  When we got there, we went through a short orientation and got in the Jeeps to drive over to the dunes.  We were instructed to drive in 4×4 (obviously) with low traction on.  Also, the tires are deflated to 10-12 psi to float on the sand.  We had a funny tour guide named Paul who took us around the dunes for the first hour.  All of the Jeeps in the tour were like a bunch of baby ducks behind the mother.  He showed us the ropes and had some clever analogies he shared on the intercom.  THere are some ripple bumps in the sand called whoop-de-doos…we really enjoyed saying that term…”WHOOP-de-DOOS!”  To end the guided portion of the tour, he brought us over to the big steep hill where many ORV’s attempt to climb.  We got some cool photos in the sand and the clouds had a unique shape and looked very dramatic.img_2640.jpgIMG_2646IMG_2653 (1)

After the hour was up, we had an hour of freestyle riding.  It also started to rain so we put the windows up…and then water was seeping into the floorboard so we put our backpack out of the water’s reach.  When I was driving, I wanted to go explore the trails around the trees even though they said not to go close to the trees.  That was one of the main rules.  We were in a fairly thick grove of trees and I tried to go up a steep hill, but with the rain there was low traction so we couldn’t make it up.  The only choice was to go back down the hill in reverse, which the tires slipped and I almost got us stuck in the trees (at a slow speed by the way).  It was tricky but I got us out of it and we decided to stay out of the tree areas to be safe.  Riah then took the wheel and did a great job of driving.  IMG_2650

We went up a ridge which got really narrow and also there was a steep hill we could not traverse so Riah was able to bring the Jeep in reverse down the hill as well.  Here’s the compilation video of our Silver Lake Sand Dunes Experience.

We made it through the Jeep driving experience scratch free and returned the Jeep back in great condition so we wouldn’t have to pay a fee.  After the Jeep driving, we were hungry and ready for lunch.  We drove to a charming town nearby called Pentwater.  The first thing we did was go eat at Garden Cafe thinking it would be a good place for lunch.  It was not.  Probably the worst food we have ever eaten.  The grilled perch and veggies didn’t have any flavor at all.  We didn’t let bad food bring us down though.  We weren’t planning on buying anything but we each found some nice polarized sunglasses at a good price point by a brand called Abaco.  I got the blue lenses and Riah got the purple lenses and we both have clear frames.  I like them because they fit my head comfortably and were polarized for fishing.  Here’s us showing off our new shades.IMG_2676

When we were down by the water of Pentwater Lake, I was wishing I had a fishing rod.  Me and Riah saw a monster smallmouth bass in the clear water in Muskegon Lake by Shoreline Inn the day before and I knew there were some big fish to be caught in this area.  Here’s a photo of me pretending to fish.IMG_2672

We then went to check out the huge expansive Lake Michigan, you can’t even see across.  We checked out the pier and put our feet in the water just to say we did. img_2666.jpgIMG_2680


It was time to head back to the hotel and get some dinner but first, we had to do some planks at Pirate’s Plank that we saw on the way to Pentwater.img_2695.jpg

When we got to the dinner place called The Lake House, the food was actually really good.  We got a pasta bowl that was great to share.  IMG_2709

Also, there was an amazing sunset for us to view and take pictures of while we ate dinner.IMG_2715IMG_2713

Also, one of my favorite things to do in life is to take pictures of Riah taking pictures of nature which she is so intrigued by, and so am I.  She’s a great photographer but the pictures are better if she is in them.

It was a great weekend trip to Michigan and we had a lot of fun together.  We got to celebrate the Ferguson wedding and then have an awesome day’s worth of adventure.  Also a plus, when I filled the rental Toyota Corolla back up to return, it only cost $14.  Now that’s great gas mileage!


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